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Dear Reader,

Welcome to s e t t i n g SAIL blog! I am a young, creative professional trying to figure out uncharted territory between home ownership, dressing for work and fun, and DIY projects. Here, on s e t t i n g SAIL blog, I’ll be sharing a variety of the style, spaces, and DIY projects that inspire me in addition to a speckle of recipes, local events and more.

When dressing, I always struggle to find the outfit that feels “right” for work or fun. I love mixing clothes that have some character but more so in the details.  I tend to shop on a budget and love finding a great deal, especially for pieces that can get lots of wear.  I love creating minimal, clean looks that can easily be transformed from work ready to weekend fun with little effort. On the blog you’ll find personal outfit posts (when the weather permits), style mood boards, and inspiring looks and/or brand features.

After working for a few years now and having officially moved into a 1960s bungalow with my man W, I’ve been on a mission to enjoy all the spaces around me. At home, I’ve been putting my mind grapes to work attempting a variety of DIY projects, renovations and creative space solutions that I can’t wait to share with you. W and I are loving the experience of transforming our home into a reflection of us. I’m hoping some of my successes, ideas and even my blunders help you out in transforming your space too.

With this blog I hope to also capture local examples of the spaces that captivate me and the experiences I have shared as I continue to bond with my hometown. I love reading blogs and collecting ideas (in fact, I’m a bit of an idea hoarder) but I’ve always struggled with sourcing items (up here in Canada, eh), at reasonable prices, and finding inspiring places to visit. Here, I’ll share some of the tips I’m learning along the way and neat places to visit. I’m hoping from each post we can start a conversation.

So sit back, grab a coffee, and let’s go for a sail.


 To contact me, please email me at: emailsettingsail [at] gmail [dot] com

All Photos are by W. Dixon Photography unless otherwise stated or sourced.


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