We Hit the Floor…

When it comes to buying things for our home – I mean actually buying and not just toying around with the idea/window shopping – we tend really drag out the process.  Maybe it’s because our house purchase still feels fresh or that we’re still young with small budget or my personal favourite – we’re still trying to figure out our ‘home’ style.  Well, that’s the excuse I tell myself whenever I seen something really nice and just can’t bring myself to even pretend to consider it.

When we purchased our home we were wide eyed and considered every element (or so we thought). Overall, we were under the impression that in addition to the house having good bones, it also had good esthetic.  So we thought, man, do we have it made.

During our first night in our house, over a glass of cheap champagne in a delightful plastic cup I remember saying “Man, how wild would it be if our place had darker floors?!” Considering that our 60 year old bungalow has 85% original hardwood on the main floor and that there was nothing in the house except us, a lamp, and our air mattress the floor was definitely a focal point. W was immediately on board with the idea (never the case that quickly!) and the next day we found ourselves in Home Depot picking a stain colour and renting a sander!

W’s folks were awesome with helping us with this project and I have to admit – it was a tricky and challenging task but it completely changed the tone of the house and made it feel more us.

We hit the floor

For better or worse, this was a huge decision, let alone one decided so spontaneously! What I learned from this experience is the value of trusting your gut.  I mean, we really had not even considered the floors until we were able to take a hard look at them and in the end I think that not only did it instantly modernize and freshen up our space, it also was a great first stab at making it ours.

Have you had an instantaneously HUGE space reno? How’d it go? 

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