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As spring s-l-o-w-l-y approaches the easiest way to brighten up your space is apparently to change up your pillows for brighter pillows with exciting prints.  I decided to try my hand at some DIY pillow cases following said recipe.  When shopping around I found that no matter where you go you’re forking out a good dollar for even basic pillows/pillowcases.  Enter my frugal conscience.  I got to thinking and when you get down to it, handmade pillowcases are a quick a project and easy customize (whether you’re a sewer or not). I’ve included a few neat “add on tutorials” at the end of my quick “How-to” shpeal.

Overall, the results of my attempt worked out fairly well and I’m stunned at how big a difference they actually make in our space.

Punch of colour pillow cases: 
– fabric (decide if you’re doing the same front and back or different like I did)
– piping (if you choose)
– pillow stuffing or premade pillows
– sewing machine, needle and thread

To make these pillows: 1) cut out your desired material to size. I choose one patterned (for the front) and one solid (for the back), 2) lie your fabric on top of each other so that the material you want on the outside is facing in, 3) pin around the edges adding the piling so that the round part is on the inside, 4) sew around each side leaving one side open (but sewing the corners), 5) sew the remaining side excluding the back panel of fabric, 6) flip the pillow case inside out, 7) put your pillow inside the pillow case, 8) hand-stitch the back side closed. I opted to not use zippers (for comfort sake) but you can include one between step 5 and 6.

IMG_1035 (1024x654)

IMG_1036 (1024x710)

The final product: 
IMG_1037 (654x1024)

Sources:  Fabric: Japanese print (facing), grey cotton (backing) and red piping: all from Fabricland | pillows: Kobe Outlet (they were a steal!)

Neat pillow creations for your DIY consideration:
Studded: adapt from this apparel idea from a pair and a spare

Have you made any homemade accents for your place?

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