Deck Cravin: BACKYARD SERIES part 2

Canadian summers = chillin’ on a patio/deck

To figure out what we wanted and needed W and I spent some solid thinking time last summer on our muskoka chairs squeezing our mind grapes for grand ideas.  After relaxing working through bevies ideas I was finally able to draft up a rough sketch of our “dream deck”. (See pic in part 1 post).

To make sure our dreams were in check we broke out the tape measure, some wooden stakes and pretended to walk through the layout. Here’s what’s on our must have list:

Deck Must Haves: 
– room for 10+ guests (patio set, chairs and coffee table room) and our BBQ
– accessible tap (our outdoor tap is presently between the back entrance and the garage)
– good lighting
– incorporated storage (built in?) and shelf space (for hosting), kinda like here:

Built-in storage,


Deck Wish List:
– built in seating area (to minimize # of chairs and maximize seating), kinda like here:

built in seating, patio table addition option,

– garden/plants to liven up the space
– create a deck “wall” to hide the side of the garage
 include a strong ceiling beam to use for lighting and shading options kinda like here

Beam framing,

PREP: This step was the step I was dreading the most and I am so pumped that we were able to plough through this. As a result of our massive drain project we had dumped a ton of dug-up clay, gravel and pea stone on one future area of our deck. We inevitably had to “deal with it” moving it in order to move forward.  Check out my instagram pic of the “beauty in the rough” that we came across 🙂

Looking forward to sharing part 3 so you can see our progress! 

If you’re looking to enhance your patio/backyard space check out this article A room with a view from the President’s Choice site (Man! They’ve really got everything covered).

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