Travel Pocket DIY

A few weeks ago my broseph was headed to Algonquin Park for a field study and asked if I had any convenient, but dude-worthy small zippered pouches that he could use to throw in his travel bag.  To be honest, I didn’t have anything but fabric and zippers so I  made him a quick travel pocket to throw his toiletries into for the trip. It was a quick project which meant more hang out time 🙂Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Materials: – fabric (Depends on how large you want to make it, you could use scraps or fat quarters) – thread (you can choose if you want it to match or contrast) – sewing machine, scissors, etc.

Steps: 1) Cut out 2 long pieces of material your desired size plus 0.5″ for seam allowance.  I used an extra toothbrush as my “guestimated” measure and my previously purchased zipper for the width determinant. Fold these pieces, short sides meeting, nice side facing in, 2) sew the zipper joining to two panels together like a “zipper sandwich”. Remember that you want your nice side to be facing each other during stitching, I did this in 2 parts (one for each side) 2.5) I wanted to add a handle – your choice. To do this I cut our a piece just as wide as the bag but skinnier.  I folded it right sides together and stitched the edge and flipped inside out, 3) Pin the sides of both pockets and stitch the sides together but make sure to leave a little hole near the top, 4) flip inside out through little hole, 5) hand stitch little hole, 6) TRAVEL! 

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