The Deck: BACKYARD SERIES part 3

Wet Deck (678x1024)

So, when we decided on building our own deck I never thought that a month later we’d still be working on building and designing elements of our new outdoor space.  Today, I’m excited to share some of our progress with you.  Although the deck isn’t completely done yet, we were able to host yesterday’s father’s day festivities in our new space and it was such a treat.

Here’s what we’ve completed so far:
the foundation – pain!
the top and lower level – I got to use power tools!
the skirt around the deck – where parts of the old deck went
the railing (on Saturday!) – We got ours at The Deck Store and opted for square rails with caps. I <3 the skirt option for the small but special detail.
some lighting – solar lights that sit on the top of our posts. It was challenging to find ones that were more than 1.2 lumens but we did!

Next steps:
STAIRS! We haven’t got to these yet but – they’re next.
more lighting – off the house, etc.
social seating – we’ve since tossed the idea of built-ins at this point and are hoping to score some social patio furniture on sale at some point later in the season (fingers crossed!)
a decorative wall – to hide the yucky side of our garage. Presently thinking of lattice so as to not clash with the chevrons on the deck floor.
shade – I’m not sold on the idea of a patio umbrella, and am still hopeful for a creative terrace option. Stay tuned.

So, this is just a taste of an update for you all.  I’ll be sharing a “deck reveal” post that you can look forward to soon 🙂

Photo by: W. Dixon Photography

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