Lemons, Lemons, Lemons!

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During the summer I love to have lemons and limes on hand for when we have company or even for just popping into a tall glass of water. Unfortunately, I never end up using them all in time. The solution – preserved lemons!

I followed this recipe from Sarah at A House in the Hills Blog and I feel like a pro in the kitchen because of it! It’s a super simple recipe and quick to do. Check it:

Take wide-mouthed mason jars (I choose the 1 cup ones), sea salt, lemons and your basic chopping materials – knife, cutting board, etc. Cut up the lemons into discs and lightly salt both sides before gently laying in the jar. Squeeze the juice from the ends of the lemons into the jar. Continue until your jar is full (leaving some breathing room at the top) and save enough lemons so that you have juice to the top.  I found that about 2 lemons (sliced) fit into the jar and I used an extra lemon for juice in addition to the ends of the 2 lemons. You might choose to top up your jar with store-bought lemon juice (if you have it on hand). Put the lid on and give your jars a “time out” (i.e. tuck your jars into a dark, cool corner) for about a week, or until the peels easily come off, et voila!

When you’re ready to use the fruit simply rinse off the salted juice water (or not if you’re making drinks) and there you go.  These apparently last for up to 6 months, which I am a total fan off – lemons with a longer life!

Do you have another version of this recipe or one similar that you’d like to share? Be sure to share it below or email me at: emailsettingsail @ gmail.com. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Lemons, Lemons, Lemons!

    1. Katrina – I just brought my lemons out of their “time-out” and they turned out well! It was awesome being able to just open the container, rinse the lemon slice and plop it into a cool glass of water. I would absolutely recommend this!

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