Juicing Cleanse


So awhile ago W got the idea for us to start juicing after watching the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly dead”. Now, I admittedly did not watch the movie.  I was of the mind-set that I like food and that I could exercise my way out of poor eating choices. So our middle ground was to integrate a glass of homemade juice each day. I was skeptical at first but soon surprised at how flavorful and healthy our homemade juice was.  Since I’m being honest here – I’m the worst at keeping up with drinking enough water everyday.  I don’t know how or why it happened, but drinking water frequently has never been a good habit of mine.

Enter “The Three Day Juice Cleanse”. I spied this formula on the blog A Little Dash of Darling last week and felt the clouds part.  I decided to commit to this three-day juice plan. Why this one? I think what sold me on trying this cleanse was a) it’s only for three days, b) I can easily access all of the fruits and veggies that are listed, c) my schedule allotted for some extra home time, and (most importantly) d) I was feeling kinda frumpy and less energetic than usual.

The result: Well, I finished it!!! I felt a bit weak and, as a result , avoided any intense workouts but overall, I felt more awake and I can honestly say, I found that it helped change some of my snacking and eating habits. These days I’m more opt to grab a glass of water before I look for a snack or pick me up.

Have you tried to juice? And if so, what’s your favourite recipe to follow? 
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