Northern Ontario: Wild Blueberries

A few weekends ago W and I trekked north of North Bay to Temagami to visit with family on an adventure.  One part of our weekend was spent even further north at the side of a peaceful lake picking wild blueberries.  It was so majestic how all of these blueberry bushes cover the land surrounding the railway tracks, just a short hike from the lake.


W and I picked a ton of blueberries and I couldn’t wait to bake these into some tasty snacks once we were home.  Once I finally worked up the courage I hit up the kitchen and baked what you can see below:

Blueberry recipes

Wondering what these tasty treats are? Here are some details on each:

Healthy Blueberry Scones  These, here, are Healthy Blueberry Scones adapted from this recipe from the blog Sincerely Kinsey.  What I enjoyed about this recipe was how straight forward it was to make and how tasty some healthy alternatives only made the food tastier. Disclaimer: I ended up using honey instead of agave syrup and baked them a bit longer (must be my oven).


Lemon Blueberry Poppyseed Muffins

Next, I also made Lemon Blueberry Poppy Seed Muffins using Joy the Baker’s Recipe and I absolutely LOVE how tasty these were! I skipped the crumble topping and went for adding extra blueberries.  You can never have enough, right? I would totally recommend baking these if you get the chance and I really enjoyed Joy’s way of explaining each step.


Mini Blueberry Pies  Just when you thought I had enough baking (impossible!) I went on to bake up some mini blueberry pies.  I decided on these little guys, versus the larger version for a few different reasons.  First, with the intention of pigging out less and second, because I was nervous to put all my blueberries into one pot ;).  I made up my own recipe for this one and its super straight forward:


Easy Mini Blueberry Pies

12 mini pre-made pie shells (leave out to thaw)
1 1/2 c. of fresh blueberries
~ 1 c. granulated sugar
1 c. flour
a lemon
3 tbsp. unsalted butter

Steps:  Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.  Place your pie shells on a baking tray and with a fork poke the bottom of each shell.  In a bowl mix 3/4 c. of sugar, 1/2 c. of flour, lemon zest (the more the better in my opinion) and the juice of a quarter of the lemon. Mix these all together with a fork. Add blueberries, gently mixing together.  Spoon a good amount into each shell so that they are heaping.  In another bowl mix remaining ingredients: 3 tbsp of cold butter (I like to cut it up into small pieces to help), 1/2 c. flour and about 3 tbsp of sugar with a fork, or better yet, a pastry blender if you have one. Next, add the crumble layer to the top of each pie. Be generous and lightly press layer into the pie. This will make a bit of a mess but easy to dust off before putting them in the oven. Place your tidy tray into the oven for about 20-25 min (I believe).  I usually base it on when I can smell it, give it an extra minute and then take them out to rest on a cooling rack.


Steel Cut Blueberry Oatmeal

Lastly, I ended up having a few extra blueberries that weren’t munched during all that baking and before that I added to a delicious bowl of steel cut oatmeal as posted on my instagram as yesterday’s blog teaser.


Yum! Let me know if you have any other great blueberry recipes or if you like any of the ones I shared today.

Happy baking all!

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