Ruffled Peplum Polka Dot Tank {DIY}


A few months ago I was crushing on all the cute summer tanks and ended up drafting and sewing up this black and white polka dot peplum tank. I love how light and easy this tank is!

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DIY: Ruffled Peplum Tank

Materials: 1 m of material. I used a satin-like material, matching thread, tank in a style you like and sewing stuff (machine, scissors, etc).

1) Trace the outline of your tank top onto the fabric (front and back) stopping at the length you’d like your ruffles to start.
2) Cut out the pieces.
2) Cut out a long strip (I have to sew a few pieces together) double the width of your shirt. Leave room for seam allowance on either side and cut to your desired height. Mine ended up being about 3 inches.
3) Pin your top and back (right sides) together and sew along the side and top using a straight stitch about a half-inch from the edge.
4) Do a zigzag stitch along the edges (necessary unless you’re using a jersey or cotton)
5) Roll the material around the arm holes and neck twice, pin and stitch with a straight stitch. Take your time here because this will show.
6) With your long straight piece of material sew the long side in a straight line, bunching as you push it through the machine. This will create the ruffled effect. Repeat the zigzag edging stitch like in step 4.
7) Roll the bottom of the strip twice, pin and sew.
8) Pin the ruffled side to the bottom of your shirt, and sew placing the right sides together.
9) Sew the sides of the ruffled part together.
10) To really create a polished look, sew a straight stitch just above the ruffles (on the front of your shirt) catching the material joining the two parts. This is called a top stitch.
11) Et Voila!

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