Sounding Spaces: Bold with Black Accents

This week for SettingSAIL’s Sounding Spaces post I wanted to share the idea of bold, black accents with you.  There’s no denying that black (or dark) accents can completely transform a space and beautifully modernize an otherwise common room.  While the trend of incorporating black in home and personal style has never left design radar, the idea of bold contrasts is definitely gaining strides in recent fall apparel style trends, as well.  Something tells me I’m going to be in style heaven this for next while 😉

Elle Decor

Apartment Therapy


This picture is definitely foreshadowing some of the changes that we’re hoping to make in our kitchen. Stay tuned!


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Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a matching style look incorporating black accents in a bold (but still casual) way.  Thanks for stopping by!

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