Gentlemen of the Road – Simcoe Stopover

GOTR 2013

This weekend has been circled, stared and glowing from my calendar since February when I got W and I tickets. Those of you who are music go-ers are probably well aware of the epic Gentlemen of the Road tour that is travelling the globe this summer.  Not only will this mark one of the few grand Ontario music festivals, it’s starting to feel like one of the more relaxed and boho festivals yet.  With acts like Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros and Hey Rosetta it’s exciting to be headed away from the big city (Toronto) to Simcoe, Ontario surrounded by farms and the beach.  I’m so excited to camp and experience the festival on site, but equally apprehensive that I’m going to head there without something crucial (must be my planning instincts kicking in) so I’ve checked out some wise words from the folks at Free People on festival prep. Nonetheless – I’M SO STOKED!

 Check out my “Festival Fashion” Pinterest board for the style and hair inspiration
I’m using to pack my tote for the weekend. 

Be sure to say hey if you’re headed to the festival too! I’m sooooo pumped!
More tickets were released last weekend if you’re still hoping to go 🙂


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