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(That’s me in the printed gray sweater ) Photo Credit: Annawithlove photography

I’ve been to conferences, workshops and guest speaker events before, but nothing compares to my experience last Saturday at BlogPodium with Angie from (Hashtag Random Blog).

Since I started settingSAIL a mere 4 and a half months ago I have been making a lot of gut decisions as a means of staying true to my intentions and hopes for this blog. I am pumped to share that my experience attending BlogPodium has brought a completely new energy and direction to how I now envision settingSAIL evolving. Today, I have a much more defined goal for the blog and my decisions are more grounded having learned from all the speakers and their wise words at BlogPodium. I suppose the experience also opened my eyes to how I perceive my connection to settingSAIL and my feeling of acceptance (or lack thereof) to the world of blogging. Before Saturday (and throughout parts of the event), I felt the awkwardness that comes from the online freedom of blogging that unfortunately, doesn’t easily translate as well when sharing in person (when asked about the blog). I love how well Becky (from Sketchy Styles) explains this feeling in her article “Why I’m ashamed to be a blogger“.

So, confidence – check! Inspiration, well… I am still buzzing around off the high from last weekend and let me tell you – I don’t anticipate it fading anytime soon. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting so many awesome bloggers and speakers and learning so much from each of them. Right from the first guest speaker (Sarah Richardson?!?!) to many others.

So what does that mean for you guys?You can look forward to: collaborations, assigned post theme days, some guest posts (from other great bloggers), and more!

Also, I would love to hear from you and what you love about settingSAIL. My favourite part of blogging is being able to share with each of you. So email/comment/etc. to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see more of on settingSAIL.

To see some of my photos from the event be sure to check out my instagram page and here are some more great pics from last Saturday. I’m already counting down the days until next year’s event. What an amazing experience!

Photo Credits: Annawithlove photography

Happy Friday all! 

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