DIY Glam Mirror and…NEWS!

The change in seasons always gets me in gear to make some easy upgrades to my home and what better way then a quick DIY project? Angie over at Hashtag Random is always creating awesome DIY solutions and here is one of her latest pieces – the “Glam Mirror”.  This DIY project is a great and affordable way to add some light into your space with the simple addition and beatification of a basic wardrobe mirror. Here are a few pics of how her work turned out:

Be sure to head over to Hashtag Random to read about the materials and steps she took to transform a closet mirror to a living room sparkler. If you end trying out this project, or revamp it to make it your own, be sure to share the details with us!


Like this post? I’m excited to share that this month Angie and I will be collaborating this month.
More details on Thursday! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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