The DIY Burlap Series – TABLE TOP

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To kick off our series and in prep for Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend Angie and I created DIY table top projects to amp our dining spaces.  Below are a few snaps of my project as well as one from Angie’s.

Easy, (No sew!), Burlap Placemats and Cutlery Ties

The approaching Thanksgiving weekend has W and I running around a wee bit trying to see friends and family and catch up on our housework.  Part of housework here means transitioning the house from summer to fall tones and I’m excited to incorporate Burlap as a key textile this year. With time, well, zilch, this week I quickly measured out some placemats for our table and cut a few long rectangles to display cutlery in an easy and creative way.  While this project isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it definitely comes together easily for the non-sewers out there and those with limited time.  To add to these, I’m hoping to hand-stitch some burgundy yard along the sides to add some warm colour.

table top2

table top 1


Wondering what Angie got up to? Check out her awesome Printed Burlap Table Runner post.

DIY Burlap Table Runner
DIY Burlap Table Runner

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 I will be linking all of these photos to instagram and to Pinterest on our “The DIY Burlap Series”  board. Stay tuned for another Burlap DIY project next week and don’t forget to link us with your Burlap projects using #DIYburlap and our handles (@settingSAILblog and @justrandomangie) so we can include your ideas in our wrap up!

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