Cheetah DIY Sweatshirt Love

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Sweatshirts are all the rage these days and I have to admit – I’m really digging it.  I love how this trend has also added new life into the standard sweatshirt to transform it into something kinda like this – the cheetah print, peplum, DIY sweatshirt.  That’s right! I made this top and you can too.  Here’s what you need:

1 m of printed sweatshirt material, or a sweatshirt you like the material of (larger then you)
A loose long-sleeve tee (for pattern making)
And all your sewing fixings (machine, thread, scissors, etc).

DIY Steps:
1) fold your material in half so that you can fit your long sleeve tee flat and trace around the neckline, torso and sleeves (to desired length)
2) Cut out your top. If you want a peplum (like I did here) crop your top shorter to account for the extra material.
3) Pin your top, right sides together,
4) Sew along the torso, arms, and neckline using a basting stitch,
5) Cut out your peplum piece so that it is wider then your shirt (if you would like it scrunched), or a similar length with additional panels (as I did here),
6) Fold the hem up a 1/4 ” and hem the bottom of the peplum piece.
7) Pin and stitch your peplum onto the bottom of your top,
8) Top stitch along the seam of the top and peplum piece of the shirt,
9) Wear with your favourite distressed jeans, skinnies or a-line skirt 🙂

Top self-made | Pants Zara {last year, this season’s} | Flats Urban Outfitters

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3 thoughts on “Cheetah DIY Sweatshirt Love

  1. I love this top Alyssa! I can’t believe you did it yourself (I mean, I can believe it, but it really looks super awesome!) Great choice on the print too.
    Two thumbs up from me 🙂

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