Easy DIY toque-torial

Last week in my second post on ways to sport a shirt dress I mentioned that my outfit included one DIY piece. Were you able to guess which one?


Last spring I was able to get my hands on some stretch jersey knit from the remnant bin (gasp!) and what do you know… it makes for awesome toque making material.  After some research online I learned that you can easily fashion your own toque by following the pattern below and a putting in a few stitches.


Materials: Stretch Jersey Knit (double the width of your head x 2 (for lining), thread and machine/needle.

Directions: toque DIY

For those of you who don’t have a sewing machine, this is a small enough project that you could hand sew or probably (haven’t tried it) fabric glue together.  I’m such a fan of how this turned out I’m hoping to sew up a few more as stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season.

Are you thinking of DIY-ing your own toque? Be sure to link it to s e t t i n g SAIL blog via twitter (@lyssSettingSail) and/or instagram (@settingsailblog) using #settingDIYtoqueLove. 

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