Repurposing Furniture

It is no lie that I could spend all my time just looking at home design articles and pictures.  There are so many beautiful spaces out there! Having never really had opportunity to decorate a home prior to our present place, I continue to struggle with ideas for our space.  W’s been a big help, but between the two of us I tend to be the one who is the dreamer of spaces.

Working within a small budget and having an appreciation for quality furniture, I naturally turned to second hand pieces.  Incorporating older furniture was a challenge in that many pieces are too “big” for our home.  So, after falling in love with a few, I was committed to finding a home for each one.  The result – a “re-purposed” use of each piece.    I would absolutely recommend being creative when looking at furniture and its ability to add to how you use your space.

For example, our rotating sweater rack… I mean coat rack.

Our bathroom table (an old cigar side table).


And our vintage dressers that we double as night stands.
(Pictures pending – making some table top changes). 

How have you incorporated any “re-purposed” furniture in your decor at home? 

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