The Zippered Sweater DIY


I had found this wonderfully bright sweater to wear last year and found the overall relax fit very appealing.  After a few wears I realized that I wasn’t loving how the waist cinched and how it felt fairly “basic” and then I found inspiration from the Ann Taylor Holiday 2013 winter collection (as featured on

And here is how my old new sweater turned out.


Materials: 2 matching zippers, matching thread, sewing machine

1) Using a “seam buster” (not sure what the true name is) or scissors carefully split the side seams of your sweater to fit the length of your zipper.
2) Pin your zippers into place. You can decide here if you want your zipper obvious and sewn on top of your sweater or if you want it more concealed (like the inspirational sweater) by sewing it underneath.
3) Sew!
4) Wear!

*Note: if you don’t have a sewing machine this could easily be done by hand (just takes a wee bit longer).  I’m not sure that fabric glue or iron on ribbon would be strong enough for this venture.

If you try this I’d love to hear about it! It would even look great on a sweatshirt or tee and can even be a perfect way to add a modern detail to your holiday look.

Thanks so much for reading s e t t i n g SAIL!

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