Holiday Outdoor Accents

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When it comes to decorating outdoors for the holiday season I find the greatest challenge exists with having your outdoor holiday decor match your style throughout the entire day, and in (most) any weather.

Here are some tips we’ve found to decorating on a budget and within a more rustic tone:


– commit to a colour palette to help connect your decor even if it is of different materials or styling. When in doubt, the classic white lights and natural accents can help you to stay on budget with a palette that your can use throughout the year.


– consider going “au naturel”. Some of the best outdoor decor are items from the outdoors!  When putting together outdoor urns and wreaths consider using the cut-off branches from the bottom of your Christmas Tree and adding pine cones and berry branches. These items can also (usually) be sourced from your local nursery, and for very reasonable prices (sometimes even for free!).


– don’t be afraid to go “fake”. When it comes to garland and wreath materials, don’t be afraid to use faux materials, especially if you’re like us and get snow. Not only do these items help add some greenery to your outdoor space, they also can be easy to work with, provide a longer lasting look, and come in at a variety of price ranges. With the addition of twinkle lights and some snow, your garland or wreath can look beautiful.


– when in doubt, keep it simple. There’s no need to go all “Clark Griswald” when it comes to decorating your outdoor space. Be sure to display what is true to your taste and price range. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff – literally. Small bows and decor can be difficult to see from the street so consider only adding these details in spaces that will get up-close attention, like wreaths and front entrances.


How are you decorating your outdoor space this holiday season? 


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