DIY – NYE Party Prep

So whether you’re hosting, attending or avoiding NYE celebrations, it seems inevitable that the one thing that does always happen is a tasty dinner. No matter if you’re ordering in, cooking yourself or maybe even headed out here are some quick and easy DIY projects you can use for dinner celebrations for New Years.


1) DIY Chalkboard Place Setting Labels or Food Labels I recently created these small chalkboard labels for a holiday get together we had and they couldn’t have been easier to make! Materials include chalkboard paint (from your local craft store), painting supplies (foam brush, paint brush, roller – up to you), and a surface you choose to use (I used small pieces off scrap wood).  To label – use chalk, a chalkboard marker or in our case – crayon. image

2) DIY Sparkling Holiday Accents  If you’re like me, you never forget decorating the table. To add some instant sparkle consider loading some Christmas bulbs into a vase, glass or container to create an easy, yet beautiful centre-piece arrangement. Materials: a glass container (vase, glass, etc.), Christmas bulb ornaments (bonus – if you are hoping for different sizes, pick up some on clearance this week).


3) DIY Rustic Holiday Decor  Much like the idea above, we collected pine cones during one of our walks to be used to create some more rustic home accents.  What I love about these accents is that they work well even beyond the Christmas season. Materials: pine cones, cinnamon sticks, sticks, fake poinsettia florets, etc.

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