So Long 2013

So somewhere, somehow it’s happened that the holidays have flown by again and it’s that weird time of the year when reflecting and turning a new page seem in order. While I usually focus on personal goal-setting around my birthday, this year seems different. This year I have you to thank because your visits and your support have been the fuel to this creative engine that I continues to surprise me, time and time again. When I consider all of the opportunities and new challenges this blog has brought, I smile in joy at the sheer amount of hidden boundaries this experience has helped me surpass personally and creatively. Whether it be learning a new skill, making new connections and relationships, or just having the confidence to share my ideas with you, I thank you for visiting and being apart of this journey. Looking forward, I am very excited to what the new year has in store for s e t t i n g SAIL and wish the very same to you and your goals. On that note…

happy 2014

I hope have an awesome New Years Eve (whether it be low-key or grandeur) and below I’ve included pictures of some of your favourite posts from 2013 in case you’re in a mood to reminisce.

thank you

And a SUPER big THANKS to the lovely Angie (from hashtagRANDOM blog) for all her help and guidance this year (especially on the tech side) and my one and only W for all of his photography skills, kind ears and big heart. Love you both!

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