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What a wonderful and wild week! From 2013-2014, this week has been nothing short of a little bit of everything.  What I’ve loved most about this week is the relaxing pace it has taken and how much I’ve been able to spend time with family and friends.  I know next week will be a much different story, with heading back to work and daily routines so I’m just enjoying each moment left until Monday with a big smile.

Here are some Friday links for you to enjoy:

I’m absolutely loving this initiative for January to get the creative juices flowing. Visit Life I Design for full details about the 30 day sketchbook challenge.

Lately, I’ve been very inspired by more modern interiors and this article is a great example of how to easy integrate modern home decor trends into a livable home by the amazing Domino Magazine.

Anthropologie’s Winter Sale is on now and you can score an additional 50% off sale items using the code “warmup”.  I’ve got my eye of these measuring cups, this apron, and this ring dish.

Somewhere in the lead up to 2014 my phone sensed that the new year was going to be BIG, awesome and exciting so much so that it’s been on the complete fritz for the month of December. Unfortunately that came to a close on New Years Eve when my phone wouldn’t turn on.  With the holiday schedule and stores being closed I was able to have a few days absolutely phone free and what a great reminder of just how distracting technology can be. I challenge you to take a day, or even a week phone free (if possible) to reset your phone use habits.

Lastly, if you’ve got some free time this weekend here are some DIY projects that are on the top of my list that you might enjoy as well: DIY Leather Envelope Case (if you’re looking for something similar I’ll be sharing a DIY felt case on the blog next week *HINT), DIY Chalkboard Platter, Easy Makeup Brush Container DIY

To all of my local friends – I hope you’re able to keep warm in this freakishly cold (-20 degree) weather.  It’s sounding more and more like a “cold” in weekend 😉


Whatever you find yourself up to…
I hope you enjoy an awesome weekend and thanks for reading! 

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