Collecting Memories

When it comes to buying clothing and apparel I usually try to buy based on price, need, style and want. I would like to think that I’m getting better at negating spontaneous purchases and unnecessary items but that’s not always the case, especially considering how, like with many things we do, shopping is also an emotional action. Not to blow things out of proportion here.  Clothes are, well… clothes, but they can also be more.

This past weekend I was organizing my closet and I started to weed out a few pieces that I no longer wear, don’t fit.. you know the drill when I was hit with a moment of reflection. A moment of recollection. Not only do the clothes that we buy for ourselves serve to polish our look or express our mood, they are also symbols of memories from the past.  I know I’m not alone in holding on to items from years ago that I admit, never really wear, but serve as a reminder of when I purchased or first wore  that piece and my life at the time.

Being a young adult, some of those pieces are special in that I either saved up for them for weeks, bought it on a dose of high confidence, or was gifted the item by someone special and, for me at least, they are a great reminder of the past, growing up and how I’ve changed over the years.  Truthfully, even though I might not wear these pieces, I always find room in my closet to store them until my next bout of cleaning and for that I’m thankful of the unplanned moment of reminisce.


Hope you have a great start to the week folks! Happy Monday! 

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