This Weekend


Happy Friday all! I am SO excited that the weekend is (just about) upon us. Not only has this felt like a crazy long week, it has also been so unbelievably cold that I literally wore 6 layers of clothes to work on Tuesday! Wild! So when I heard that we were due for above zero degree (Celsius) temperatures I was through the roof! Six degree high? I’ll take it!


Here are some weekend links to bump up your weekend: 

Not sure if you’ve been getting your hands into any sales, but there are a plethora to choose from these days. I’m debating on pulling the trigger on this sweater, this sweatshirt, and a flannel shirt maybe like this one. What’s on your list?

In the kitchen, I’m hoping to amp up my soup making using some of these great recipes. We also have a habit of making drop egg soup when in a pinch.

I’m debating on my home project and have been contemplating a furniture project, or two. More details on the blog next week including re-upholstering tips from a guest blogger.

Have you check out s e t t i n g SAIL on tumblr yet? Fresh inspiration has been added. I wish I could pull a Walter Mitty with some of those pics. So beautiful.

Thanks so much for reading!
I hope you have an awesome weekend whatever you find yourself up to.

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