My Active Wear Style

Resolution or not, I’ve really been enjoying getting back into the routine of working out and exercising this month.  While it’s still been a bit of a slow start I’ve been making an honest effort to take time to really enjoy each fitness opportunity in hopes of motivating myself to keep it up and find a comfortable (and workable!) exercise schedule and it seems like my work-out ensembles could use the same boost.  Most of my pieces are black or white (surprise, surprise) so I’ve started to turn to some colourful additions to pump up my gym gear.  Here are some outfits that I’m enjoying as of late. What are your go-to pieces?

Blue top, 54 CAD / Top, 54 CAD / Green top, 33 CAD / Old navy activewear, 24 CAD / The Mat, 75 CAD / Banana Republic Yoga Hair Ties – Multi color, 12 CAD


Hit the ground running


When the open road calls
Happy Monday all!
Here’s to a busy, exciting and fun week ahead. Thanks for reading!

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