DIY Felt Cellphone or Glasses Case


For Christmas I gifted W and my brother mono graphed felt cellphone/glasses cases that I am still ooo-ing over.  What I love about this project is that it was super straight forward to make, very affordable (I found pieces at Michaels for $0.49 each!), and I’m in love with the infinite number of options for personalizing.  Pictured above is W’s case, where I added a second top stitch across the base.


 Photos by: W. Dixon Photography

Materials:  2 pieces of felt (for strength), scissors, thread, pins, needle/sewing machine, velcro pieces (I got mine at our local dollar store).

1) Lay the two pieces of felt on top of each other and straight stitch along the bottom end about a centimeter from the edge.
2) Reverse the felt so that the excess material is encased.
3) Select your intended case use (i.e. cell phone, glasses, sunglasses, etc) and roughly size your overlaying felt (with the stitched side as the top of the interior pouch) creating a pouch with the item encased leaving room on either side and above for the front flap using pins.  
* Should you want hidden side stitches (like above) consider your pieces reversed.
 Start at one end of the pouch and sew along your pin line continuing beyond the pouch to frame the top flap and further to stitch the other side of the pouch.
5)  Trim the extra material on the sides so that about a centimeter width is left on the exterior of the stitch.
6)  Flip the pouch inside out, making sure to push the bottom corners completely out.
7) Add a straight stitch along the top of the pouch on the back side so as to keep the material together.
8) Add the velcro pieces. Most are adhesive but you will have to also hand  stitch (to conceal the stitch) each piece in place.  Depending on your use you may want to use more than one or substitute a zipper or alternative clasp.
9) Rock n’ roll.  


Be sure to share your case if you make one using the #settingDIY tag to join the conversation!

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