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I can hardly believe that it’s the weekend already. Maybe I’m finally back into my grove post holidays, maybe it was just one of those weeks… but man, it’s great to feel a sense of accomplishment moving into the weekend now isn’t it? W and I headed to an exciting local event last night that I just can’t wait to share with you next week.  I would be lying if I didn’t confess that it will the fuel to my fire this week. I like the idea of having something to look forward prior to the weekend to add a little more energy, reminding me of this article on how to make your work-week fly by.


Here are your weekend links: 

We’ve finally hit up the grocery store the other day and I went a little crazy stocking up on fruit and veggies.  Can you blame me when you consider these recipe for (our favourite!) Chicken Taco Soup, Bircher Museli, and Sarah’s super yummy Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties. 

For my blogger pals and super organized readers be sure to check out this awesome downloadable (free) blog content printable planner and this simple, but beautiful 2014  printable calendar.

On the DIY side, I’m loving the idea of creating this DIY Two Tone Tartan Skirt, and this DIY rose garland.  Geneva is SO creative!  And what about this cool DIY dressed up solo cup project idea for your next event? Personally, this DIY leather organizer would be a big help in sorting our front entrance mail and “runway” station. 

This week I really tried to keep to my goal to be more active and had a few sore post-workout days. I really enjoyed this article from Nellie Magazine about Finding Exercise that Works.  Also, did you check out s e t t i n g SAIL on Daily Buzz Style yet? There are a ton of great work out outfit ideas and tips not to be missed from other great bloggers too.  Check it out here.

Lastly, be sure to spoil yourself by collecting your Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card from yesterday’s post.  s e t t i n g SAIL blog is only that much better because of your readership so a big thank you your way. I hope you enjoy our first ever (!) giveaway from us (and Trend Trunk) to you.

What ever you find yourself up to this weekend, I hope it’s a great one!
Thanks again for reading and we’ll see you Monday!

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