Like the Weather…


Photo by: W.Dixon Photography

When I was growing up I loved spending time with my Baba (grandma). Though I didn’t really realize it until these past few years, she greatly inspired me in her casual, everyday ways. I remember calling her and asking “Hi Baba, how are you?” and she’d always reply with warm greetings and the consistent response of “…like the weather”. Looking back I recall feeling so frustrated with her response, perhaps, first not understanding it and then later (in my rebellious days) resenting it (in a wanting to be different kind of way) and now, appreciating it with greater understanding.

The winter can be a great time of year but for me, it can also feel a bit like a thief. While, I love where I live and the snowy days, I find that the frigid weather, short days and gray-ness seem to steal away my energy more than I’d care to admit. In the summer, I love to be outside. Even just to roast my soul in the sun. But winter… oh, winter! I tend to change my plans, avoid errands and dress in extra layers when winter is here.

This past weekend I think it dawned on me just how far-gone my winter habits had become when we went out for birthday celebrations for my W and close friend and I realized that I was the only lass at the bar sporting not a skirt, tank, sequin or cut-out. I was the one in a warm, cozy, chunky knit completely toasty trying to warm up even if just a wee bit more. Winter had won!

And so when I think back now to my Baba’s words I smile at the feeling we share. Our surroundings are a stage from which we choose which persona to wear. And in this case, spring you’d better be near.

Happy Monday all! 
Here’s to a great week ahead!