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We survived…the first month of 2014 and another week! Best of all – the weekend is here. Is it just me or is it taking you a while to adjust to the hustle and bustle of work/chores/routines/life too? For some reason I’ve been dragging my feet around a bit, but it could just be the craziness of work these days that’s got me trying to out lounge my couch. My plan is to trick myself into doing work this weekend with good tunes, tasty treats and balanced breaks. Fingers crossed I don’t outsmart my plan.

Here are your weekend links:

EAT: To get me through my intense “work-a-thon” I’m hoping to bake up some roasted chickpeas with various spices using this recipe. I’ve also got my eye on this scrumptious veggie side dinner dish.

LOCAL: If you’re in the Toronto neck of the woods, be sure to spoil yourself with lunch/dinner out at a new-to-you restaurant for WinterliciousTO’s price fix program.  (Also a great option to look at if you celebrate Valentine’s Day/Gal-entine’s Day over food).

CELEBRATE: So maybe you’re not particularly sporty, or don’t consider watching sports to be your cup of tea but why not re-brand super bowl festivities and host your own “superb owl” party?  Besides, who could turn down a fun get-together with good company and tasty food?

BLOGGING: If you’re following along as a fellow blogger you might find this piece of interest to read. It’s all about one blogger’s perspective on the change in blogging, especially as of late.

DIY: So maybe it’s that fact that I have no free time to tinker, but I’ve been craving some DIY projects.  I’m contemplating squeezing in a project like this fabric envelop idea, and this quick shoe-tray fix…you know, to have some fun.

 Whatever you find yourself up to this weekend
I hope you have a good one!


2 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. First of all, I love that photo because it’s a perfect picture of our Winter so far! Secondly, thanks SO much for mentioning my project! I have to say, I have checked out all of your posts so far and am currently browsing the Winterlicious menus… AGAIN!

    1. This winter has been wild with all of the snow and cold temps! Not a big fan. A big fan of your DIY ideas! Happy to share 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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