This Weekend


Oh man, I got so excited to hear that it was getting warmer this week. I even jumped the gun and sported flats to work yesterday only to have to walk through freshly fallen snow (that was “supposed” to be rain).  And that is why today’s pic is of one uber chic spring/summer look that I cannot wait (!) to sport soon.
What is it with short work weeks too? Aren’t they just the longest, in their own way?  Here’s hoping you’ve got an awesome weekend planned.

Here are your weekend links? 

I’ve been trying to figure out some great lunch and dinner options for next week. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe out for lunch and this recipe for dinner AND lots of leftovers (he he he).

I’m completely jealous of the folks that get to work in this beautiful office. Have you seen what they did to the space?

Scissors be wary – I’m considering trying this DIY project to a pair of my skinnies this weekend.

Speaking of chic on a budget, check out these great tips if you’re on a shoestring apparel budget like me.  There were some great tips that I’m definitely going to consider moving forward.

I’m ooo-ing over this pattern collection and (while I’m not a mom), I’m totally digging the playful comfort of this spring collection too. I can’t wait for warmer days!

Also, you can check out s e t t i n g SAIL’s recent feature on here. I love reading through the other great sewing tips and ideas on this site.

Lastly, what do you think of our new look? Still in the process of tweaking a few things but let us know your thoughts!


Here’s hoping you have a grand weekend all!
Thanks, so much, for reading!

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