This Weekend

Ben Aronson, Coffee Break, 1997

I am SO stoked for the weekend! As you probably guessed from my last post, I’m well over due for a relaxing catch up weekend.  I’ve been getting my butt kicked a bit with work (load) and can across this gentle article that shares some great tips on how to kick butt at work featured here. Great reminders.

Here are your weekend links: 

Lately, I’m really digging some of these spring outfits featured here.

Are you excited for the Academy Awards this weekend?  I always love the challenge of trying to view as many of the picks as possible in anticipation of the awards; however,  I usually don’t hold the patience to last the entire ceremony. You?  To get in the spirit, I wanted to share word of this cute post on “Oscar Worthy Appetizers” if only to just say – spot on!  Also, if you’re hosting a viewing party (love the idea, we don’t have cable and streaming was a disaster last year so I might invite myself over) be sure to also check out these awesome pre-made ballots and these great party prep ideas.

I was really moved by this piece and think life brings us so many twists and turns that is crazy to look back at the past.  Furthermore, I think that it can be really difficult to move forward with social pressures and the “goals” that we focus upon ourselves.  I’ve been trying to squeeze in some more “me” time to really allow myself to discover and accept the habits and preferences I’ve acquired since moving out and “growing up”. A little heavy for the weekend, perhaps… but be sure to take some time for you this weekend.

Thank you all so much for reading all! It has been an amazing week.
Happy Friday! 

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