Those days

I’m not sure about you but yesterday was totally one of “those days.”  You know, the kind of  day that no matter what, you’re racing uphill just to keep up?

To boot, Kenny (my old-school Kenmore sewing machine) and I are going through a bit of a rough patch right now.  Sound familiar? Although it’s only happened a handful of times since I really started sewing about a year ago, I still find that when a problem occurs with my machine I become very stubborn in my approach to fixing it.  Typically, I attempt to fix it first by staring at my machine… you know, like you’re giving it the stink eye.  Next, I investigate each and every angle, re-thread the machine a few dozen times, play with the tension, etc.  And after all of that – I’m somehow still at square one.  The next day(s), with fresh eyes, some missing clue is apparent and it seems to click into place like nothing was wrong.  A sewing miracle, if you will. It’s funny though… these learning curves… when all is said and done and I’m back sewing my heart out I know that it’s these hiccups that make me appreciate the craft so much more.  And right now I’m going crazy with my projects on hold.  So c’mon Kenny! It’s time for us to go back to being friends again 😉


Shirt Merona (Target) | Striped Dress H&M | Watch Nixon (the Kensington)

Photo by: W. Dixon

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