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Today marks the beginning of our infamous “March Break.” As a kid I used to love being off for March Break because it usually meant that my family and I were jetsetting somewhere fun. In the spirit of those days today’s “This weekend” post is dedicated to spring travel.  If you’ve got some good tips/outfits/etc. be sure to share them in the comments!

Here are your weekend links: 

When it comes to packing I tend to be very practical and a little OCD. I appreciate well packed luggage so that I can strategically pack more into my bag (especially for the way home).  But sometimes I’m not always the best with picking what goes in.  I love Kendi’s travel tips (shared here) because she talks about the type of packer I usually am – a neatly fold everything I love at the moment into a bag and go gal – and how to be more strategic.

So, to travel smarter, I’ve turned to these “Pack Lightly” mood boards that totally compliment my idea of packing in a practical (I’m going to need a rain coat) mindset and chic (cause you know you’re destined to be in at least one photo).

Lastly, I’m thinking of sewing up another version this travel bag. Check out the full tutorial here.

Have a great weekend all!
Happy travelling to those who are jet setting. 

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