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Happy Friday folks! How’s your week been? W and I just flew back from a South Carolina late last night and today has been busy with catching up up with errands before heading back to the grind next week.  I think this had to have been the most relaxing and satisfying trip we’ve had together yet. It was just so awesome to not be on a schedule and simply enjoy the warm weather and food.  Being home now has been been a transition from walks on the beach in shorts to boots and winter coats but I love the feeling of getting organized and taking care of all those things that get put on the back burner.  I’m crazy excited about the new glasses I ordered today and my new phone that was delivered while we were away 😀  I’m also getting excited about this weekend – St. Patrick’s Day weekend!   What’s your tradition?  I couldn’t believe the number of people we saw at the airport travelling to enjoy St. Patty’s day away from home.  So, in the spirit of the luck of the Irish, here are your weekend links: 

I’m going crazy over this awesome Guinness Sweet Treat.  Yes, it’s definitely St. Patty’s day worthy, and I anticipate it becoming a recipe on frequent repeat over here.

If you’re celebrating St. Patty’s festivities this weekend you might want to DIY this fun green outfit addition. Super quick to make, and best of all (when it comes to festive dressing) it’s cheap!

In thinking about DIY-ing, here’s a quick and easy project to make this weekend if you’re hosting any St. Patty’s festivities or are just pro-decorate. I personally like how festive it is without going too over the top.  Also – it can transition well for the holidays.

How cool is this DIY idea – conversation bottles?  I love how versatile this project is as work well as decoration, or even for gifts (perhaps with some homemade brew).

And if you’re looking for some festive (but not too festive 😉 ) outfit ideas, check out the St.Patty’s Day outfits I’ve created on Polyvore here.


If you’ve got an awesome St. Patrick’s Day idea or outfit to share be sure to list it in the comments below! 

I’m so excited to share some new projects and ideas with you next week.
Have a great weekend all! Chat more soon 🙂 


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