DIY: Chalkboard Back Splash

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When we moved into our place just over two years ago, W and I knew that we wouldn’t be making any significant changes upon moving in for a few reasons. First, the kitchen was recently remodeled prior to our acquisition, and secondly, because we really fell in love with the space.  Within the first few months I had my thinking cap on, attempted to brainstorm ways to “set up” out kitchen and maximize our kitchen space. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that our kitchen is plenty big for the two of us and what comes with us, but man, it is every an ongoing puzzle trying to think up ways to “keep up” with our constantly changing space as we move into our “grown-up” items (like more expensive dishes and appliances).


The one space of our kitchen that has been my ongoing project has been the back splash wall space behind our stove. Not being much of a “chachki” person, and more utilitarian I set our on a mission to create a functional back splash and I’m happy, today, to share with you the results of that journey. I bring you – the DIY magnetic, chalkboard back splash.

IMGP9088To start, I cleaned our painted wall and (when dry) painted the designated space with magnetic paint from Curry’s, completing about 3 coats. The magnetic paint was fundamental in supporting our magnetic spice rack (I love how accessible and easy it makes cooking) and fun magnets. Next, I painted over the area with black chalkboard paint, completing about 3 coats in all. Admittedly, I did spend about an hour in Michaels debating on a chalkboard paint colour (did you know they had so many?!) but ended up with black for effect and because our counter tops are a blend of black, deep blues and white.


The last touch was dressing up our items with fun labels (like the one above). For this I used Chalk Ink blue chalkboard markers.  Why not old school chalk you may ask? I personally, prefer how much smoother the chalkboard marker looks. I’m planning on buying a few more pens in different colours to “spice” things up (Sorry! Couldn’t help that one).

IMGP9094So, if you’re in the market for a (fairly) quick, and very $$ reasonable, punchy back splash try out this fun DIY idea. Be sure to share your projects below in the comments, or via social media (tag @settingsailblog) using the hashtag #settingDIY and/or #settingHOME.

Photos by: W. Dixon

Happy DIY-ing all!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more s e t t i n g SAIL 🙂

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