Currently Chasing: Mules

Happy Wednesday all! This week seems to be in high motion. Yesterday, I was able to pop out for a quick bit to check out what’s in stores and I came to realize that I’m pro Mules trend and I have to confess – it surprised me! I can recall my mom having a pair of low, block heeled black mules when I was growing up and I remember sneaking moments in them using any excuse to try out these “strange sandals” even though they were far too big for me. Today, I think the “strangeness,” or rather, the uniqueness of the shoe has drawn me to chase down an affordable pair of my own.  (Check out all of these beauties below that are each under $100 = whoop!).

Currently Chasing

Now, not to get too excited, I’ve been noticing a great variety in the overall design and tone of the recent relaunch of the mule. Personally, I prefer the idea of a mule that does not have a terribly chunky heel (in my clumsiness I actually find these types of heels to near the top of my list in terms of “Danger” ratings…).  I also like the idea of a sleek, open-toe design that is somewhat simple but not too “satin (feather-fluffed) slipper” worthy, you know?

Well, there you have it – a wonderfully intricate chat on mules.

Have they made the cut for your spring wishlist too?


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