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Happy Thursday all! I am so excited to share a new DIY project with you today. Admittedly, I’ve had this project on the mind grapes for quite some time, having picked up the material just before Christmas with the intention of sewing it up for the holidays but alas, I ran out of time (and creative juices).  So, here’s what helped me scratch up my pattern plan:

maxi skirt inspiration

maxi skirt inspiration 2

So to craft up this skirt, I had a few musts: I wanted to make sure that there was extra material to provide for a ruched waist and flow-y skirt, the skirt had to have a lining (my material wasn’t overly opaque), and it wanted to create an elastic waistband. Here are the details so you can make one too:

– 2 meters of a light, pre-scrunched poly blend material. (Mine came from the holiday apparel section Fabricland, 160″ long)
– 1″ thick elastic banding (to fit around your waist, minus a 2 inches for stretch)
– like coloured thread
– One safety-pin
– your sewing gear (machine, pins, etc.)

1) Lay out your material, right side down and fold one outer side in by ~17″ (depending on your height you may have to play with these measurements)
2) Pin about 1.5″ down from the fold line. This will be for your banding
3) Set your machine to a basting (straight) stitch at its greatest stitch width (mine is a “6”) so that there is as much distance between your stitches as your machine will allow.
* Please be sure to test out a few stitches on a scrap piece of this material first. I found mine was more delicate to work with so mistakes weren’t much of an option.

DIY pleated maxi skirt

4) Straight stitch along your pinned line in one go. *do not close your stitch at the beginning or end of the line. It is necessary that you simply straight stitch so that your ends are “free”
5) Lay your material out and gently pull on your trend ends pushing the material to gather. Continue until your skirt is gathered to your waist measurement. *Be gentle so as to not tear the thread. Pin the ends in place.
6) Sew over the original stitch line (with a closed stitch at the ends) with a tighter stitch (less distance between stitches).
7) Attach a safety pin on one end of your elastic and weave the elastic through the waistband. Stitch the elastic together.
8) Pin your seam of your skirt together (wrong sides together) and sew close to the edge of the cut. Trim the excess so that there is ~ a millimeter between the stitch and the material end.
9) Flip the skirt wrong-side out and sew along the seam again, encasing the previous stitch and excess material. I left the material above the waistband seam as is and folded it over.
10) Try on your skirt and make any last few adjustments (for example, you may need to hem your skirt – roll, pin/press, stitch).
11) Et voila! 



Photos by: W. Dixon

Zara necklace, shoes | Gap tee | Skirt Made by me!

Be sure to leave any questions in the comment section below
and I’ll do my best to help you out and do share how yours turns out!

Thanks for reading all!

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    1. Hi Margaret, What I was describing by taking in the skirt after is to minimize any gathering you might have between your waist and back-end. You may not need to do this depending on your shape. Hope this helps!

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