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IT’S FRIDAY!!!! Whahoo! I’m not sure about you but I was really dragging my heels this week and I am so excited for the opportunity to just sleep in. Speaking of sleeping in, the photo above is what happens when I actually get to partake in the pleasantries of said act. I actually have energy. W snapped this goofy photo from our trip to Charleston. I might not have quite the same amount of energy today, but boy will I have a bit more come quitting time.

Here are your weekend links:

Last Sunday we hit up a Maple Syrup Festival (to get our Canadian on) and came home with a whole bunch of super tasty (and sweet) maple syrup. I’m considering all of the recipes from this post by Food52.

I recently got a chance to wander through my local Target and I have to admit – I’m really blown away by the collection by Sarah Stevenson. I’m especially in love with the navy pieces from here, collection listed here. Have you had a chance to scoop any of these pieces?

Indigo just released it’s spring collection yesterday and I could not be happier. There are a ton of beautiful home accent pieces, Easter decorations and lots of great entertaining and tabletop pieces that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I’m also really excited about their pastel totes and bags. Ooh!

How pretty is this snap? And she makes pretty things too.

Lastly, I’m hoping to attempt this DIY project this weekend. Fingers crossed my sewing stars are aligned on this one. I recently had some trouble with my last leather project.

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend all! 
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