It’s hard to believe but this little blog has survived enjoyed a full year of online being.  I’m not sure if you recall the very first s e t t i n g SAIL blog post way back last May because I know that it feels like a lifetime ago. I am so, so excited about the opportunities and growth s e t t i n g SAIL has provided for myself (and W).  When I was first debating the idea of s e t t i n g SAIL I remember being confused as to which direction it should take, and how I would muster up the courage to attempt all of the projects I had in mind. I’m happy to report, my idea of “setting sail” into the world of DIY, sewing and fashion now feels like a successful departure. I love the confidence I know hold towards sewing up a quick tote (as I was very much a beginner sewer), putting together a chic outfit I actually like (and can afford), and how our space has become more personalized as inspired by the many sounding spaces I dream about daily. Most of all, I am happy about all of the connections and friendships that have resulted from establishing this blog with folks like YOU!  I wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for visiting and spending some time in my little nook of the online world. It means a bunch and I am crazy grateful for your company.

In reflection of the past year I am happy to announce the start of a new post series entitled “setting SAIL” which will feature a combination of tips and tricks I’ve learned in my experiences setting sail into new adventures. Keep an eye for the first post soon!

And for my American friends – I hope you’re enjoying an amazing Memorial Day long weekend. And for the rest of us – bring on an awesome work well. Let’s do this!

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