DIY Mason Jar Wraps Tutorial


I love how the warmer weather translates to more get togethers and events.  I have always been a big fan of the mason jar for its overall versatility and chic look.  Beyond the kitchen I have more recently repurposed my mason jars as easy candle holders and casual flower vases.


A few weeks ago, with the mission to create and style center pieces for my girlfriend’s wedding shower I picked up a box full of vintage mason jars of various heights at my local thrift store.  Not only were these vases an affordable option, I love how easily they can be used for alternative events and decor.

For the wedding shower, we knew that we wanted to incorporate fresh flowers and a subtle amount of sparkle so I decided on the textiles of burlap and shiny gold ribbon to cover some of the jar and unify the overall look.

Materials: mason jars, burlap (printed burlap would be fun too!), ribbon, scissors and double sided adhesive scrapbooking dots (I used these Scotch dots). 

Directions: I started this task by first sizing and cutting out burlap stripes to my desired width and length (including about a centimeter overlap). Next, to create the wrap I started by placing an adhesive dot on the jar in line with where I wanted the burlap strip to sit.  (You can also add additional dots at the same height around the jar if you choose or your material is fragile). Then, I then stuck one end of the burlap on the dot and tightly wound it around the jar. To adhere the end, stick another dot on the unattached end and stick it on top of the laid material. Lastly, I repeated this step for my ribbon, excepting that I placed my starting ribbon only on half of the dot so that the end could share the same dot. Next step: style and use!

2014-05-31 10.36.01

Whether it be centerpieces, flower vases, candle holders or decoration these wraps make for a quick and easy means to dress up your favourite kitchen storage item.

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