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So… a few weeks ago I woke up to quite the surprise after the first of a three day rainstorm… a very wet kitchen.  That’s right, we had a leaky roof. So out W and I went to look at new shingles. Now, we knew that we would have to reshingle our roof (and renovate our eavestroughing etc too) in good time but were surprised that our roof was in such poor shape. We later learned that our poor roof had taken a beating by the previous owner when he decided to staple millions of Christmas lights to the roof like in Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. Little did we know that we’d be promptly “setting SAIL” into roofing.


When it came time to figure out the “doing” part of getting the new roof we had to crunch some numbers. Fortunately, our next door neighbour was in the same position and had already inquired about quotes for his roof (a similar size to ours).  We made the tough decision, especially considering the unexpectedness of the situation, to do the labour ourselves. We were also lucky to enlist the help of W’s dad who has experience with the roofing process and technicalities. It was a long few weeks of coming home and working on the roof and we unfortunately had to pass on some social events (due to time and $$) but I am so happy that it is almost DONE!


* a large tarp to cover the leaking part of the roof stat!
* renting a dumpster for the old roof
* shingles, tar paper, roofing nails, ice dam, drip edge (all from Home Depot)
* lots of labour (weather permitting)

For some reason, I thought roofing to be a straightforward, quick job.  Not having re-shingled a roof before I was basing this mostly on other people’s experiences having their roof professionally done with 8 workers, the shingles moved to the roof via conveyer belt and everything good to go by dinner. What I learned, much like many home projects, to do it right takes time and lots of research. By the last side, we were motoring and happened to score a tan in the process.

2014-06-08 10.22.08

If someone asked me to help them with their roof and it was single storey like ours I think I would actually say yes!  It was fun being up there and feeling the sense of immediate accomplishment. That being said, I was lucky to have some great help.  So, in an ideal world (i.e. good weather and lots of extra hands to do it in a weekend) I’d consider it.


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Next week tune in for… settingSAIL into gardening. 

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