Easy Beach Tunic to Summer Blouse (DIY Refashion)


 Photos by: W. Dixon

I’m not sure about you but I’ve seemed to collect beach wear that I only seem to get a handful of uses out of each year. My decision – refashion said beach cover up/tunic into a summer blouse with a simple DIY. And now, I am so happy with how this top turned out. Not only does it work well with this summer’s boho trend of flow-y blouses, it also was sewn on the shorter side to almost cater to a little crop top action. The best part – this DIY barely took any time and you could totally do this sans sewing machine!


Materials: scissors, an iron and matching thread (and needle/machine) OR no-sew, double-sided tape.


Directions: simply cut off the extra length of your tunic to your desired length plus an extra 2 cm/~1 inch (for seam allowance). Fold your cut end in about a cm/half-inch and press with an iron as you go around. Continue, folding the seam a second time. Depending on the material you may need to pin the press line down or if its cotton (like mine) you might not need to pin. Next – sew the fold down with a straight basting stitch OR stick double-sided, no-sew tape under the folder sticking the seam together. Et voila! 


I’m already planning on chopping a few of my other beach dresses/tunics to add to the collection. This will definitely help with the summer wardrobe budget (he he he).


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