DIY Jewelry Wall Hanger

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So way back before Christmas W and I made a pact to make a handful of our gifts to one another. It was totally easier to say then to do.  Right up until Christmas day we were in our own nooks of the house desperately attempting to finish some of the projects that we had underestimated in time or difficulty.  Christmas passed and we gifted what we could and had a great time! Just a month ago (or so) W confessed that he had made something for me way back when he heard me cursing over my (for the millionth time) knotted necklaces, trying to break one free. Enter the DIY Jewelry Wall Hanger. This made for an awesome Christmas in July present! It has saved my morning sanity in that my nightstand is now clutter free and my necklaces are easily accessible and organized.  Therefore, from W to me to you, here’s the low down:


Materials: a piece of (good) wood (size depends on your space and how much you want to hang; possible to re-purpose a piece as well), stain, sealer, gold hooks, screwdriver, wall screws (all of our materials were from the Home Depot). Optional: Router table for edging.


1) Prepare your wood by cutting it, completing your edges (using a router table or hand tool) and sanding it (if you need to). Pre-drill 2 holes in your plank for mounting.
2) Stain your wood following the directions on the label leaving ample time for drying and multiple coats (depending on your tone preference) and seal.
3) Decide on your hook layout and screw in your hooks.
4) Rest your piece on the wall to find your desired location and mark with tape (if necessary).
5) Using a power drill wall bit to pre-drill a hole into the wall through the plank holes.
6) Screw the wall screws into the plank and wall.
7) Organize and hang your necklaces!


If you end up making your own jewelry wall hanger be sure to keep us in the loop by tagging s e t t i n g SAIL blog (via instagram/twitter) and using the handle #settingDIY so we can follow along.

Happy DIY-ing! 

13 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Wall Hanger

  1. What a sweet exchange idea you guys have! I love it…and I love the jewellery organizer. I’m just about to embark on a similar project in my closet too….thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  2. What a cute idea! My necklaces always end up tangled together because I have nowhere pretty to hang them. This is a great alternative and I can actually tackle this project on my own. Love the stain choice!

    1. Thanks Sarah! That is exactly what was happening in my jewelry box and I would get so frustrated that I wouldn’t wear the piece I had in mind! A terrific improvement, if I might say so. Please share if you do end up making one! Happy DIY-ing 🙂

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