Sounding Spaces: White walls

lonny aug 2011

 Happy Wednesday all! 

W’s good friend Pete is coming to stay with us all the way from the UK.  This time we decided that it cause to redo our basement guestroom and transform the space prior to Pete’s arrival.  Unfortunately, it’s been a bit down to the wire but I’ve just got a few pieces to pick up and tidy upon his arrival. Can you tell what wall colour we chose? Considering it’s a basement room we decided to brighten up the space by whiting out the walls and bringing in fresh coloured linens and accents. The hardest part is choosing the remaining colours for the room considering: 1) any colour goes with white (so many options!), and 2) we decided to keep the green-y, beige berber carpet (couldn’t put a new one in in time).

The result – we’ll soon find out!

Have you tried out the white wall trend yet?
If so, what colours did you accompany them with?

images via: lezoemusings, Lonny Magazine (August 2011 edition), Cup of Jo blog

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