Brand Spotlight: Hoi Bo

Today’s brand spotlight is featuring a local (Toronto) brand that kills it in the purse department. If you’re looking for unique, quality, handmade handbags and accessories (and now, clothing!) with a minimalistic yet structured design look no further then Toronto-based HOI BO (  I first learned of the brand when attending Toronto’s infamous One of a Kind show some season ago and is has continued to wow me in its attention to detail, overall quality, and classic style.  In addition to offering their products available in person at their Toronto location, they now offer their beautiful bags online as well!


Hoi Bo is defined by the symbiotic relationship between shape, structure and process. Our aesthetic sensibility arises from the essence and functionality of the product; nothing is superfluous. Because we care passionately about quality, all of our pieces are made by hand in-house. Each detail is meticulously considered, with a deep respect for the interaction between the wearer and the object. Our bags and clothing are designed for what they will become once they leave the shop, softening and shaping to become a deeply personal reflection of you.” (HOI BO website, 2014).


Also, very exciting! The brand has expanded into their own clothing line, which will be available online soon.


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