settingSAIL into closet organization

my dream walk in closet. organized, clean and easy to use. Source: stylizimo blog.

When it comes to our place, the decorating seems to come fairly organically and truthfully, we haven’t found many challenges with the space. The biggest challenge (and I feel totally selfish complaining about this) is my closet.  Considering the modest design of our 1950s bungalow the one thing we lack is a master closet. Granted, we don’t really have a defined master bedroom with an en suite so I’m not sure what I was expecting but somehow the architect of our place thought it would be a grand idea to make a single door closet for a couple to share. Not sure if they were working alongside a divorce lawyer or what the story was but it’s been the biggest source of frustration during my morning routine. The solution (as I shared in a previous post almost a year ago) was to move my things into the office room closet. While I’m loving how functional the area has become for W with the addition of a hanging secondary rack for dress pants and a drop down fabric shelving unit for pants and sweaters, I am determined to find a similar solution for my closet.

The issue: Dresser in bedroom, tiny closet space in office, everyday wear on the floor! (*read: don’t tell mom but I’m not the super organized daughter she thought I was)

After talking to W about potential solutions (including attempting to sway him into making the guest room over into a walk in closet – a girl can try!), I came to realize that it was also an issue of scaleScale? you ask. Well, at my folks’ place I was blessed with a massive sliding door closet (which I removed the doors to and added shelving below) in addition to 2 dressers! It’s no wonder I didn’t understand the “purge” that most people talk about! So the issue was also a matter of scaling my wardrobe down. Truth: This part has been very hard for me. Having not changed much in size, I still find that I wear some of the pieces that I purchased in university and even (gasp!) high school. In addition, I found that I was holding on to various pieces for the memories that we made when they were purchased, worn, etc.

Solution: I went back to the drawing board (again) and moved the few organizers I have (and can fit) to suit how I use my closet most.  Next, I went through what was in my closet with a fine tooth comb and was honest about what I’ve worn as of late and the stuff with tags on that really just aren’t “me” that were taking up valuable space. After that I went online to get more inspiration about how to style and organize my closet to make changes for functionality.

Here are some great closet makeovers that I found inspiring: 

(Low budget) Walk-in closet makeover by Stylizimo blog (pictured above).

Girly-Glam closet reveal by View Along the Way blog with beautiful finishing details. 

Closet revamp by MerricksArt blog. I’m definitely following up on the secondary top space shelving.

double shoe shelving part of the closet revamp from MerricksArt.

So I’ve moved some things around and here’s hoping that this will help in reducing the headache of trying to locate items each morning and minimize my crazy-lady run-around that happens more than I’d like to admit.

Do you find you closet challenging? Or have your made any changes to your closet space that you’d like to share? Please do so below, in the comment section, or via social media using the hashtag #closetorganization

Stay tuned next week for another edition of the settingSAIL into series on defining your personal style. 


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