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IMGP0445 Photos by: W. Dixon

Dress George’s Friend from m by mendocino (old, similar) |
Belt Forever 21 (last year)  | shoes vintage Chanel 

Hi All! Hope your week is off to a great start. Things have transitioned into full busy mode here between work, summer plans and our upcoming trip out west for W’s cousin’s wedding. Lots going on as it seems always ends up happening this time of year.

About this outfit. These pieces have got to be some of my ultimate summer favourites. This dress and belt combination is crazy comfy, yet super chic, so it’s an outfit staple for me. And when it comes to summer sandals, if I’m honest, I live in my flat sandals saving heels only for special occasions. That’s one of the things that drew me to this pair of vintage Chanel wooden sandals I recently scored. With the slip on sandal trend being super popular I had to wonder – is this just a phase or is there some practicality to it. And yes, I can assure you, slip on sandals are a must! I don’t know how I went years without a pair. With the exception of flip-flops these sandals are my newest summer fave with their easy to wear functionality.

Get your version of my summer favourites below:

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