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When it comes to bedside tablescapes I think it is necessary that said space suits functionality and one’s personality.  For our space, I couldn’t be happier with how seamlessly our nightstand tablescapes came together. Here are some tips on how to style your night stand space:

1) Mix & Match. We were fortunate to inherit these two beautiful antique dressers from W’s parents when we moved to our house and I love how they are mismatched, yet match the space.

2) Link both night stand spaces. To tie the two spaces together I incorporated an offset custom silkscreened print from a Canadian artist that I purchased at Toronto’s popular One-of-a-Kind Show a few years back, in addition to a centred light fixture from Ikea (similar).  In doing so, it created unity and allowed for personalizing the remainder of the space without distracting the eye from too many differences.

3) Add some greenery. Not only does it help to finish the look, it also brightens up your space. If your room doesn’t get much natural light be sure to consider the faux option (like we did here) or incorporate other plants that don’t require much light.

4) Personalize your side. I love the addition of photos of some of our adventures, unique jewelry boxes (chevron box from Indigo, similar) and trays (silver tray – thrifted, black – Ikea), W’s eyeglass pocket (DIY here), and naturally, reading material.

5) Arrange and enjoy your space. Remember – this is your space and it’s one of the most used spaces of your place. It’s important that no matter what – you like your set up and its functionality. Be sure to arrange and rearrange your space until you’ve found what works for you. 

What are some of your nightstand musts? 

I’m excited to share some of our home with you. Stay tuned for more room makeovers in the upcoming weeks! We’re working away over here and excited to share!

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