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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since our trip to Mexico for our friends’ wedding! It was a great time and a much-needed break from social media and the online world. Since coming home the time has flown by and I’m already battling the start of what feels like Bronchitis – typical.  I’m determined to kick it and have been taking extra time to catch up on sleep while fitting in errands and such. That being said, I am so much looking forward to this weekend! Not only am I excited to have a lazy Saturday morning – my absolute favourite thing! We’re also headed to cut down our Christmas Tree on Sunday!  Growing up we always had a fake tree, but when W and I got our place we decided to purchase a real tree, making this the first year of us actually going to chop down our own tree.  Yay! Hopefully, we’ll have some photos to share too.

Here are your weekend links: 

Check out this AWESOME DIY project to make your own super cozy woven pillow.

Just discovered this instagram account – love!

How perfect is the space above? Definitely a great source of modern rustic living. Now how to transport that look into my living room…

Working on integrating some of these healthy eating/detox meal ideas to prep for the holiday feasting season.

Totally loving this look for work wear inspiration and this look for an amped up weekend look.

I’m surprised with how quickly my wish list is growing for the holidays. It must be due to my skill of never purchasing what I need. Sound familiar? Just added these cozy beauties to the list.


Just a short edition for this week.
Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend all!
Stay tuned next week for more action on the s.S. and fresh inspiration. 

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